What Words To Grow On
Can Do For You

Words To Grow On is a cause-related business dedicated to spreading the word about the incredible power that talking, reading, and singing has on babies' development.  We're helping parents and caregivers make babies smarter, increase their IQ, and improve their chances in life with tools and techniques that range from the "tried and true" to the newest 21st century technology.   

And - we bring it all to you in the comfort of home.  Here's what we can do for you, at each stage of your baby's development.
Bonding with Baby - The first 6 weeks following birth are a critical time of learning and adjustment. Finding trusted resources for post partum care and monitoring, instructions on infant care giving, breastfeeding support, sleep coaching,  and other services can be daunting.  We can locate and refer you to certified doulas, trained home visitors, and public health nurses in your community.
Then, when you are ready, bring family and friends together for a "Heart-to Heart."  These engaging group experiences are fun and informal get-togethers that are expertly designed to help you explore your hopes and dreams for your child's future and discover the proactive steps you can take to help them meet their full potential.  Each of these sessions covers a different stage of early development, from birth to Kindergarten, to give you multiple opportunities to take time for yourself and enjoy the social support of others while you tune-up your talents as baby's first teacher. 
A Heart-to-Heart About Building Baby's Brain - From birth to 18 months, a baby's brain nearly triples in size!  Find out the fundamentals early of brain development, and discover the difference between brain BOOSTERS and brain BUSTERS.

A Heart-to-Heart About Talking Toddlers - The period from 18 - 36 months is a time of ENORMOUS growth in baby's vocabulary and language skills.  We'll help you take advantage of this critical time so your baby's word EXPLOSION is ground-shaking!

A Heart-to-Heart About Play, Preschool and Planning - Up to HALF of all children entering Kindergarten aren't ready with the skills they need to succeed.  Knowing what those are and how you can easily and playfully help your child develop them is an essential part of parenting.