What We Do

    At Words to Grow On™ we're making it easy for parents to access important information they need to help their baby while giving them the assurance they want, services they can trust, and the products they love - all at affordable prices.  

​ Now parents can reliably assess their child's language development whenever they want to and in the comfort of their home. Now parents can learn about all the things they can do that will help them enjoy their baby more, give them confidence in their parenting, and offer their child the best advantage in life. Now they have the opportunity to dream big for their baby and set high goals as we help them build a support team of friends and family to help their baby reach their full potential. Now, parents can purchase the tools and learn the techniques that will make their baby smarter and their prospects for the future brighter.

​ We do this by ~

  •   Developing innovative ways to connect with all segments of the community

  •   Reaching out to parents, families, and caregivers

  •   Networking with professional service providers so families can get help when they need it.

  •   Providing the most up-to-date, MUST-HAVE information

  •   Presenting it in a way that is understandable to everyone and easy to use

  •   Suggesting enjoyable activities that are doctor-recommended  

  •   Offering products and services that range from award-winning books for babies to the high tech tools developed by the LENA Research Foundation™. ​

  Words to Grow On™ was founded by Dr. Peggy Sissel because when parents learn why and how to help their baby grow and learn, they will not only improve their child's development now and into the future, they will gain confidence in their parenting role knowing that they are doing the very best thing for their baby. 

​Our Products and Services