What We Do

         Words to Grow On™ is a new, cause-related business that uses community networking, social learning theory, and sales of board books for infants and toddlers to spread the word about the developmental importance of sharing books with babies during their first three years of life.  Our motto is Make Every Baby’s Development Your Business.

      We provide parents and other caregivers with the most up-to-date, MUST-HAVE information in a way that is understandable and easy to use; suggest enjoyable activities that are inexpensive and doctor-recommended, and make available the best materials to assess baby's development and enhance it.  Words To Grow On was developed because we know that when parents learn why, what, and how to help their baby grow and learn, they will not only improve their child's development now and into the future, they will gain confidence in their parenting role knowing that they are doing the very best thing for their baby.   

  Words to Grow On™ is a social entrepreneurial effort in that it’s aim is to create jobs, develop human potential, and promote charitable giving ,or a cause -  eradicating illiteracy and improving children's developmental outcomes.    

  Independent representatives called Early Learning Advisors facilitate researched-based educational presentations about the developmental importance of reading to babies.  The core of the business is a home party for parents of 0 – 3 year-olds and their extended family and friends.  Called a Word Play Party™, these casual get-togethers celebrate baby's growing brain and amazing potential while showing participants the easy, low cost things they need to do in order to give baby the very best start in life.   Word Play Parties™ are centered around a series of fun and informal games and exercises that provide (each in a different way) a message about why sharing books with babies is vital to their developing brain and how the presence or absence of this stimulation affects all aspects of a child's future health and development.  While the information presented is based in neuroscience and developmental research, all methods and materials have been designed by experts to be easy-to-understand for the average person.  With very little text in the presentation, even low-literate parents can participate and benefit immensely from the tools and techniques we have developed.

      Following the exercises, the Early Learning Advisor introduces and displays a sampling of specially-selected board books that people may order.  Customers can choose from more than 100 award-winning, classic, best loved, and multi-culturally diverse books in age-appropriate categories:  birth to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, 12 to 24 months, 24-36 months, and 36+ months.  Spanish language titles and books in Braille are included in our offerings.      

      As customers look at the books and shop from the catalog, Early Learning Advisors (ELAs) introduce the charitable component of the company: Books4Babies.  ELAs encourage customers to purchase – in addition to their own selections - one or two extra books which they would designate as a gift to a charity serving children and families in their community.  Words To Grow On™ will then contribute a book for every book a customer donates.  The party participants have the option of choosing the charity in their area to be the recipient of the books, or they may select a local nonprofit organization from our list of recommendations.  ELAs also encourage members of the group to help deliver the donated books to the nonprofit organization in an effort to make people aware of the needs in their community.  

     Early Learning Advisors are independent business owners who earn commission from sales of the books and related materials.  Applicants receive training to ensure that all representatives of the company are knowledgable, skilled, and ready to take on their new role with the company.  

Do Something Different - Make a Difference.


      Words to Grow On is the most innovative and exciting, new home-based business entity in the U.S. today. Our cause-related methods of outreach, the educational sales approach we use, and the products we offer result in a seamless effort aimed at supporting parents, improving child well being, and yes - even eliminating illiteracy. 

      As Words To Grow On team member you would be sharing with parents - and grandparents, friends, neighbors, caregivers, and other women and men who care about children - what leading pediatricians say is the most important thing they should be doing to help their baby's healthy growth and development.   

       You would have a hand in making a positive difference in the lives of children and families, and you would be building a better world as you spread the word about the importance of the first three years of life and how books are critical all babies'  growth and development.   

         But, we can't do it without you.  

      We need people from ALL walks of life: young adults, seniors, women, men, and people of different languages, ethnicities, and backgrounds who can reach out to peers, parents, caregivers, and communities.

We need you.

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​        This different approach to direct selling and home parties is just one of the ways that Words to Grow On is the most innovative and exciting, new home-based business entity in the U.S. today. Our cause-related methods of outreach, the educational sales approach we use, and the products we offer result in a seamless effort aimed at supporting parents, improving child well being, and yes - even eliminating illiteracy. 

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        NEWS FLASH!  Parents love their children, but many don't have the information they need so they can do the very best thing for their babies.   You can be the difference by sharing one very simple concept: we need to talk.
Join Our Team!
       We are seeking representatives to help spread the word to parents, caregivers, and communities across the nation!  Are you interested in making extra income as a representative of this new and dynamic program? 

What Would I Be Doing?

      Your role as an representative of our company would be to help create community awareness of the company, spread the word about the need to talk to babies, and to promote our educational services, programs, and products.   Examples of the kinds of work you would be doing include:  marketing and promoting your business, responding to requests, organizing parties and programs,  presenting information to participants, facilitating activities during parties and workshops, providing guidance about selecting age-appropriate books for 0 - 3's,  helping consumers order books, and submitting book orders.  

What Kind of People are You Looking for?

       We are looking for individuals interested in working with a cutting-edge company where they can earn, learn, and make a difference in their community.   A background in child development, literacy, teaching, health, or parent education is a plus - but is not required if you have an interest, and are willing and able to learn, learn, learn!   

Do You Have the Following Qualities?

  • Able to understand and communicate what WTGO is all about.  
  • Has a passion for the promotion of early childhood development.
  • Is excited about the WTGO programs, process, and products.   
  • Possesses an outgoing and enthusiastic personality.  
  • Is self motivated and organized.
  • Wants to work as an independent representative with flexible hours and unlimited earning potential.
  • Interested in continued learning and leadership development.
  • Wants to make a difference in their community.